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Necessary Construction and Field Equipment

Construction Equipment & Tools

There are a few necessary things your going to need to build a foamie (this goes for almost all foamies):

1. Exacto/utility knife with SHARP blades.

2. Soldering iron for routing holes in the foam.

3. 3M Super 77 Spray adhesive for attaching wing halves, strapping and covering tape. Buy this at a hardware store! Hobby stores have to really mark it up to make it worth their time. You can generally get it 40-50% cheaper at Home Base/Depot.

4. Wax paper. Use this in the wing beds after the cores are sprayed with 3M 77 or when you epoxy wing halves together.

5. Two inch strapping tape (or one inch, but I like 2 inch. You can always split it in half if you need a smaller width).

6. Colored packing tape. Your Zagi or Boomerang should come with one roll of colored tape, but your really going to need two for contrast and orientation in the air. Uline is the best I have used. If you can't find it at your hobby store or at the local hardware/shipping store, check out Uline's Online Store

7. Glue gun (hot melt glue), 15 minute epoxy (gives you more time to work with it) or Shoe Goo/Zap a dap a Goo/Household Goop/PFM adhesive. This stuff can be found at almost any hobby or Home Depot type store.

8. Misc. tools like a screw driver and drill for attaching the control horns to the elevons, and a pair of pliers for bending the control rods.
Things I take with me to the Field

1. Always take strapping and packing tape. Your going to need it for repairs. I find that even if something should be glued, you can always hold it together with strapping tape until later.

2. Screw driver, pliers, exacto knife/scissors.

3. Black electrical tape (for canopy repairs on my Z-400).

4. LOTS AND LOTS OF LEAD. You never know when the wind will allow you to load up your wing!

5. CA or some other kind of glue to repair broken elevons.

6. Lots of extra control horns, servo arms, and servo gears. I also take along at least two extra Z-400 props. It sucks to have your flying day ended early because you broke a prop and have no extras.

7. Someone to fly with. It can get kind of boring after flying by yourself for a few hours.

8. JUST GOT A NEW TRANSMITTER CASE FROM WALMART! Its large enough to hold two transmitters side by side, and has cross-sectional foam that allows you to make the profile of any shape for a snug fit! Its only 14.00 and comes with a shoulder strap. Check them out!

If you don't have them in a Walmart near you, check out Harbor Freight Online. I have found a few that might suit your needs:

http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/taf/DisplayItem.taf?ItemNumber=35777 http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/taf/DisplayItem.taf?ItemNumber=36871 http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/taf/DisplayItem.taf?ItemNumber=36870