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Jemez Dam Flying Site

Jemez Canyon Dam Flying Site

Jemez (pronounced Heymaz) Canyon Dam has some of the best lift in the area. Its my primary flying site.

Directions to Jemez Dam flying site:

From Albuquerque: Take I-25 North to exit 242 (its the second Bernalillo exit). Take a left off this exit (away from the mountains) and go about two miles. You will pass the Santa Ana Star casino on your right. Take a right at the next major intersection. The road is a junction, but has no name (that I remember). You will pass some soccor fields on your left, but keep following the road. The road dead ends at the top of the Dam overlook. There is a place to fly almost all directions (except direct North and some NW winds). As you come up the road near the top of the overlook, there is a dirt road on the left. Follow that out and you can fly when the winds are S, SW, or W and sometimes WNW.


Lets not get kicked off this place. The lift is too good. Make sure you pick up your trash, drinking alcohol is not allowed, and just be kind to the area. This is Santa Ana land, and they expect us to treat it with respect.

Looking down the west face of Jemez Canyon Resevior

This view shows mostly the southern face of Jemez Canyon Resevior. You can actually fly the entire southern, SW, and western (slope facing the water)area.

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