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Slope Combat Links:

Most of these links are elsewhere on the web, but you can never have enough web link resources, right?

RCOnlineGreat resource for all things RC. Includes discussion forums, for sale boards (great deals here) and lots of other information.
The E-ZoneAn Internet Magazine devoted mainly to electric powered aircraft (including motor gliders, etc.). Great discussion forums, articles, reviews, and for sale boards.
Temple Hill Slope SquadronOne of the best known slope combat groups.
Terry Trimble's EPP Slope SiteBy far one of the most comprehensive sites on slope combat in the universe! Even includes a step-by-step photo shoot for construction of a mini-warbird.

Albuquerque RC Soaring AssociationThe local AMA soaring group. They fly mainly sailplanes and electrics, but others from the group do show up ocassionally to mix it up on the hill.
Soaring StuffTaylor Collins (a local RC guy) runs an internet shop that specializes in hard to get items for sailplane and silent flight. Check him out, some of the best products for great prices.....I promise I will pay you for that tape BTW, Taylor! :)
UPS Tracking SiteSo you can always track your new toys until the Big Brown Truck that Brings RC Toys arrives.

Tower HobbiesI link to them so they will link to me....go figure.
Hobby-LobbyA great site for sailplanes, electric assist sailplanes and other gear.
Boomerang Slope WingsIf your going to fly slope combat, you have GOT to visit this site. Its home to the famous Boomerang slope wing. Its got a step-by-step construction page for standard and ultralight methods. Check it out and pick one up while your there.
Trick RCTrick is home of the Slope Wing Sensation. Not only that, but Trick makes one of the most fun planes you can own....the Zagi 400 electric. They have a new slope wing available, the Zagi C-3!
Fat Lion's Sailplane MegaPlex!Another exceptionally comprehensive sailplane site on the net. If your new to RC aircraft, check this out.