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Ki61 Flight Diary

Went out to the flying field today. The weather was terrible (i.e. gray skies, cold and a little windy). I took my Zagi 400 and my Ki61 just in case I had time to throw it around the field for some test glides. Well, the winds really started picking up and everyone was leaving. I threw the Ki61 out into the wind gently and it glided out about 20 yards flat and level. I thought, "what the heck", so I packed everything up and went out to the slope.

Out on the slope the winds were only at about 10 mph max. Again I thought, "what the heck" and threw it off the slope. Before I did that, though, I took the obligitory photos of the ship in case I completely demolished or lost it. Gotta have some proof! I threw the plane off the slope and.......IT FLEW! The lift was really light so I just flew it flat and level up and down the slope working on the trim. A guy showed up to watch and graciously took some in-flight photos of it (which will be up on the site soon). Landings were pretty hot. I tried dropping both ailerons (flaps) but it wasnt so good. I need to set them up as spoilerons instead.

Went out again in the afternoon when the winds were much higher. I think they were at about 20 mph. I had a really REALLY hard time controlling it this time. I had the CG set back about 1/2" which has since been corrected. I stuffed it into the volcanic rock face a few times pretty hard, with little or no damage including the sweet sweet paint job.

Thanks a lot Dave, I love your Ki61 and can't wait to try others.