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Check back here periodically for recent updates.

1/3/2000 The site is up and running!
1/10/2000 Put some pictures of my wings on the pictures page and on the construction pages.
1/20/2000 Just got a DAW Ki61 Warbird to build! Look for a construction and review page on this puppy soon.
2/6/2000 My DAW Ki61 is nearly complete! Its covered, wing and tail glued on, but I still need to hook up the control surfaces and get the details complete (i.e. airbrushed, trim job, etc.) Pictures coming soon!
2/7/2000 Started the construction page for the DAW Ki61. More to come as it nears completion.
2/10/2000 Finally finished assembling and hooking up the controls for the Ki61! Sent it off to the hobby shop for painting. I should have it back tomorow and then can put the trim on it (Red zero emblems, and other finishing touches). Its going to be silver ultracote (aluminum) with olive drab tiger-type stripes on it with a dull cote to keep it from blinding me on the slope. Pictures will be coming as soon as I get it complete. I also have some construction photos as well.
2/26/2000 Another somewhat mild slope day today. Met a fella who flew in from Canada and came straight from the airport to the hill. What determination! The lift was really only sufficient for the Boomerangs and the thermal activity was nearly stronger than the slope lift. The lift gradually increased but was barely enough to keep my Ki61 in the air. I realized I did not have sufficient elevator throw when turning into the face for a speed run. You should have seen everyone scatter from the slope face as I flew into the "crowd"! Stan from Hobbies n' Stuff was also out there but only had a his YAK 9 warbird that weighs nearly as much as he does. Needless to say it did not fly that day.
3/5/2000 Met a couple of great fellas out at Jemez today and had a chance to FINALLY get in some slope combat with the trusty Boomerang (My Zagi EPP is waiting for its transmitter to return from the hospital). The lift was phenomenal with sustained 25 mph directly into the west face over the water. Smooth and strong! Lost one of my tiplets in a mid-air and never did find it. I just flew with the remaining tip and it flew really well. We had some great combat hits resulting in flat spins into the rotor and both Boomerangs limping back into the lift band. What a great day! Also had a chance to fly the Ki61 in really strong lift and wring her out a lot. Flapperon mixing to the elevator is a huge improvement! This puppy is fast and rolls like a champ.
3/25/2000 I have been pretty busy with the slope season upon me and my newest endeavor into electric aircraft. I started with the Zagi 400, moved to a used Twinstar, then a Twister Sport 400 and finally (because the Twister is more than a handful for me) an Ace Simple Series Speed 400 sport plane. Check out my review of this ship on the Ezone (www.ezonemag.com). I may consider putting photos of my electric fleet up here as well. Stay tuned!
3/30/2000 Its been a while since I updated the site. I recently updated the Links page (not much there yet). I have been pretty busy flying slope as the slope season here has begun (Spring brings strong winds). The last month I have been going out to the hill to mix it up with anyone there and willing. The last two sessions ended with three to four confirmed kills (the most kills so far by one person) and some severe damage to my Boomerang and Ki61. One guy got a clean hit on my Ki and knocked one of the ailerons off. I landed with it hanging by the control rod! I stripped both my servos in the Boomer and finally installed servo savers. Its been a blast, with the exception of getting nailed in the arm by a Boomerang at Mach 7. My arm is still sore Joseph!